Monday, June 04, 2007

“I can’t help it if she checkin’ for a platinum type kind of guy…”

Start of June and we’re about halfway through the new issue, featuring words with Andrew Loog Oldham, Ian Astbury & Alain De Botton (that’s just the As) - all that’s keeping us going, apart from the British summer and whatever booze is left in the office fridge, is the new album from R Kelly. “Double Up” is stone cold pimpin’, I cannot stress enough how out-there-genius this record is. Take, for example, first single “I’m A Flirt” - a song where he basically warns dudes not to even introduce their girlfriends to him as he WILL shag them. By the time he declares “Let me remind you that I am the king of R&B”, who the fuck is going to disagree with the dude???? I mean, check the video for fuck’s sake, he’s wearing a pair of glasses with diamond encrusted lenses that I’m assuming that must be nigh on impossible to see through. We can't even begin to go into "The Zoo", "Real Talk" or the mother and father of all jams, "Sex Planet".

Shit dudes - great attitude, honorary Socialist, every time.