Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Late November And We're Listening To...

Tunng "Engine Room" (off "Comments Of The Inner Chorus")
Fujiya & Miyagi "Ankle Injuries" (off "Transparent Things", contender for our album of the year even though it... er... came out in 2006)
Catcall "Diss" (demo, amazing)
Tricky "Strugglin'" ("They labeled me insane!")
Girls Aloud 'Biology"
Flight Of The Conchords "Foux Da Fa Fa"
Mum "Marmalade Fires" (ace)
Felt "Primitive Painters"

Caribou "She's The One" (Hot Chip mix and Kelley Polar remix - absolutely off it's nut)
Neon Neon "Trick For Treat" (Hot Chip mix - them again)
Iron & Winee "Wolves (Song Of The Shepherd's Dog" (Is it cod reggae? If so, good attitude)
Battles "Tonto" (video is awesome too)
Cat Power "Song For Bobby" (we would still marry Cat Power if she was up for it)
Morrissey "Come Back To Camden" (another year, another Moz is a racist story... how very dreary)
Underworld "Faxed Invitation"
and, obviously, Thin Lizzy "Sarah"

Great To Hear About The Further Adventures Of Last Issue's Honorary Socialist...

From "Bryan Ferry's son Otis Ferry is currently in court facing charges of criminal damage, after he took a set of car keys from a paparazzo's ignition in February.

The paparazzi were pursuing Sienna Miller after she left the Boujis nightclub in South Kensington in London when they stopped at a traffic light.

Ferry is then alleged to have got out of his car and walked towards the paparazzo's vehicle, where he then snatched the keys from their ignition when they wound their window down, soon after disposing of them.

The vehicle was then stuck at the traffic lights for two hours, creating considerable inconvenience for motorists.

Ferry is charged with causing criminal damage worth £180 (for replacement of the keys) as well as an additional £500, reports BBC News.

The trial continues next Wednesday (December 5)"

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Heavy Rock Mourning

And finally in our unholy trilogy, we bid farewell to Quiet Riot's lead screamer Kevin DuBrow. Here he is, playing the definitive version of "Cum On Feel The Noize", putting the Manchester Monobrow brothers to pitiful shame. Rest In Peace, Dude!

Heavy Rock Morning

Thought you all might apprecaite a bit of Gary Holton - the British Bon Scott at his best. We're having us a a 'Heavy Rock Morning' on Socialism FM. Time for a quick Tequila Sunrise, throw on that medallion and leather pants combo and think about booking a Virgin Galactic high speed flight to Sunset Strip. As Alice Cooper once said: "Do I believe in the aliens? The question is, do they believe in me?"

The Greatest Band, Their Best Line Up, In The Greatest City In The World


Watch Jack White get his ass kicked by a bull. The song is crap but at least he gets smashed up.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Honorary Socialist - Paul Danan

Some are born great. Others have greatness thrust upon them. Such is the case with Paul Danan, who having had a role in (I think) Hollyoaks, made his name on Celebrity Love Island the other year, thanks to a string of late night altercations with his fellow zelebs brought on by one too many vodka cocktails (most memorable being his brutally accurate character assassinations of both Fran Cosgrove and Callum Best: “You’re Nothing!” ). Lately, Paul has sadly been out of the spotlight, with long term fans having to be content wit his starring role in Street Mate, where Paul turns up in provincial high streets and persuades a couple of local teens to go on a date whilst togged out in his best pastel rave wear. Outwardly friendly as he is, every inch of him (from the bleach blonde crop to the tips of his chequer-board Vans) screams that he is bored shitless out in the sticks, and will someone please get him back into town like, now – capeesh? All of which makes today’s news that he has been banned from performing in panto in (de)Preston after hurling out a torrent of enthusiastic abuse at a crowd of children and pensioners whilst turning on the town's Xmas lights. “Make some motherfucking noise!” berated Danan of the baffled crowd of pram-pushing mums and aging Christmas shoppers, clearly sozzled out of his box from five hours tucking into the hotel mini-bar. Mate, we’re with you all the way. Who needs four weeks as the lead player in Gak and the Beans Talk? Hope to see you back in civilisation soon.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Still Loving The Conchords...


sorry not really updated with much this week, been recovering from Cardiff fest and shuddering from the bitter cold. Anyways, talking of said Cardiff thing, we got some sets of Socialism pin badges made for Swn Fest last weekend. If you want a set, mail with a decent excuse as to why - got about 10 sets I can get rid of. Hey, this is the kind of thing proper magazines do!

Friday, November 09, 2007

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Anyone in sunny Cardiff this weekend...

Hey there

anyone happening to be in Cardiff over the weekend, Socialism Magazine will be down in the homeland helping to put on a Heavenly day as part of the city wide Swn Festival put on by Radio 1's very top Huw Stephens. We're at the Chapter Arts Centre in Canton and we've got Edwyn Collins, Cherry Ghost, Jaymay playing live, Richard Fearless & Richard Norris DJing, Pete Fowler decorating the bar area, a cinema programme featuring films by Saint Etienne and loads of freebie stuff (or, if yr feeling generous, there's some stuff to buy - One Heavenly Saxon stall is set up for their very fine Heavenly t shirts & coats).

We're running all day Saturday - entry free with a wristband or £9 on the door. Actually the bar area is free all weekend so half the stuff we're doing we're giving away.

Hopefully see you there - come down and say hello/buy us a pint.

Current Socialism Top 10 records...

Underworld "Beautiful Burnout"
Tunng "Take"
Panda Bear "Take Pills"
Black Moth Super Rainbow "Forever Heavy"
Caribou "Melody Day" (Four Tet/Adem remix)
Teardrop Explodes "The Great Dominions"
Lawrence Arabia "The Mystery Lair"
David Cross "Shut Up You Fucking Baby" (LP)
Black Mountain "In The Future" (LP)
R Kelly "Real Talk"

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Our New Favourite Band. Ever. Volume 2.

Thanks to Jimi and Doves Band for alerting us to that.