Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Service Providings

Currently obsessed with Fonejacker, esp this.

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  • Monday, August 20, 2007

    There is a very real danger that this site may just become an advert for the life and works of R Kelly. "Trapped In The Closet" part 2 is out today. Enough said.

    Thursday, August 16, 2007

    Favourite Records At The Moment

    Just off to The Green Man to get folked off our nuts... soundtrack for the weekend - the Panda Bear album - totally obsessed with "Take Pills", one of the best singles of the year... can't find a video for it, this'll do tho...

    the new Caribou record, esp the Kieran Hebden remix of this single (with Luka & Adem) - pure choral psych, could be 40 years old and unearthed by crate diggers...

    the Black Moth Super Rainbow record...
    and a load of other bits - "August" by Catcall, the Doves podcast, "Atlas" by Battles, new Edwyn Collins record and, obviously, the preview for the new R Kelly DVD, due end of this month..."oh shit!"

    Tuesday, August 14, 2007

    This Is How You Do It

    Scenes from the first aid tent at Global Gathering that happened the other week. "If I'd have known it was this kinda party I'd have stuck my dick in the mash potato..."

    Monday, August 13, 2007

    It's Not Just Johnny Borrell and Bob Geldof Who Care About Shit...

    People seem to have forgotten all about Hear 'N' Aid the metal super group who recorded this, the frankly epic-al charity number "Stars", a record that pays virtually no lip service to starving Africans but does manage to have some cod mystical bollocks from Ronnie James Dio, some heavy S&M macho crap from Rob Halford and a selection of solos that go on for the average length of a childbirth. They're about as painful too.
    Anyway, Sociaism hails Hear 'N' Aid, cos at this late stage no one else is, and it's a git load better than that shit version of "Do They Know It's Christmas" with Chris Martin.

    Friday, August 10, 2007

    A Lovely Collection Of Vintage Record Sleeves

    Ace artist and very good friend of Socialism, Kavel Rafferty, has started a bloody marvellous blog gallery of old 7" range bags from days gone by. The site, Record Envelope, is like rifling through the racks of Record and Tape Exchange, just without having to face down the miserable staff at the end of it all. Also, you don't need to buy some crappy old record just cos you like the sleeve, they're all up there in technicolour glory.
  • Check out Record Envelope here...
  • Wednesday, August 08, 2007

    "People Call Me Rude, I Wish We Were All Nude..."

    So Socialism headed out to watch Prince roll out the hits for the last time last night... the gig was super fucking fantastic... obviously bought tickets to go again even though we know we can't afford them... the guy is ON FIRE. Made us think back to this particular moment of genius from Dave Chapelle...

    Tuesday, August 07, 2007

    Diddy Buys A Youtube Channel... The Rest Of Us Still Get It For Free

    This week Socialism is loving

    Brighton Rock / Tootsie Roll / VIP Party Boys / Pissed Jeans / Happy Tom & The Age Of Pamparius / Mingering Mike / If Everybody Had An Ocean / Omar Little / Clark and Michael / Fujiya, Miyagi / Doom Bar, Cwrw Haf & a town called Beer / sofa travelling / “Suckers” / Stop Smiling / Catcall / Ivan’s XTC / Laurence from Felt / Laurence from Domino / Adam Ant's autobiography / Jesus Urge Overkill/ David Hemmings / Sonny J / Boris'n' Pete -blonde ambition / Michael Moore / Mandy Moore / Black Moth Super Rainbow / Black Mountain / Monsterism Island / Richard Long / Psychedelic Soul / Phaseshifter / Chris Crisis / Rivers Cuomo / Cormac McCarthy / Chris Needham’s video diary / Oo Ooh Ah Aah Band / The Peth “Let’s Go Fucking Mental” & Rhys Ifans in ‘Notting Hill’ / Tales From The Forest Of The Gnomes / Holy Water Won’t Save You Now / the Bat House Project / Nicky Wire / “John Peel was a cokehead, I can relate” / Andrew Loog Oldham / Brett Smiley / Suede Anderson / Tony Ogden, George Melly, the singing Welsh soldier in Zulu who has just died - RIP / whatever happened to 2ci / Joel Gion / Howies / Jackie Treehorn / R Kelly for “Real Talk” / Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve / Cornwall / Bobby Untitled / Caught By The River / We Sell Your Kids / We Are All On Drugs / We Are The People Our Parents Warned Us Against…