Friday, April 20, 2007

April 2007, Socialism checks for...

Brand New…

The summer already – one possible upside of global warming (and yet one more fucking downside - I’ve got fucking hayfever already and it’s only April);
The Chemical Brothers “We Are The Night” – this has been punching my lights out regularly, a work of genius;
Mountain Machine – chug-a-lug sludge rock to be played at full volume all the time;
Bjork “Earth Invaders” – Timberland/Konono No 1 bring the noise – sounds like a steel band being kicked down a metal staircase – no bad thing:
the Modest Mouse record;
Blackmoth Superrainbow – sounds like the first Air album recorded by a bunch of Manson Family style evil hippies;
Hot Chip “My Piano” – proper demento piano house nonsense, awesome;
The Youth Group poster Biddy sent us, a stone cold beaut!;
The Golden Cobra coffee – best damn cup o’ joe in the world;
Manic Street Preachers “Send Away The Tigers” – easily their best album since “The Holy Bible”;
The Robyn record, still;
The Silents;
Peep Show series 4 (esp. Sophie’s brother – how much I’d pay to hear that fucking track)
Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve “George” EP – mindbending 21st sentury syke;
Meantime Brewery Helle’s Bier – that’s the weekend gone then…
…and all the usual stuff.

…You’re Retro...

Sly Stone reissues – “Fresh” & “Stand!” both rivalling “There’s A Riot…”;
Underworld “Second Toughest In The Infants” – galloping robo poof douf techno and liberal doses of the dustbowl Delta blues - sounds better 10 years on than ever;
Prefab Sprout “Steve McQueen” reissue (esp acoustic versions);
Talk Talk “Colour Of Spring” (except the one with the kids on it)
Alain De Botton's bloody marvellous book "The Art Of Travel"
"The Power Of Nightmares" doc by Adam Curtis from a few years back, now on DVD through Wholphin mag;
"2 Stoned" by Andrew Loog Oldham - pretty much the Socialism bible.

...And, frankly, this is just altogether a bit Tricky

Going to a finance meeting to raise dollars for the next issue of the rag and the guy clearly thinks you are a fucking student even though you are, in fact, a grim faced 36 year old man with a lot of grey hair. There is no way on Earth to take that well.