Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Boris Yeltsin, clearly not the first or the worst...

It being A) Tuesday and B) just North of lunchtime, here at Socialism towers our minds are already racing towards the pub - any pub, anywhere. Were this to go to it's logical conclusion, the rest of day/week/month will inevitably be written off in the usual haze of Breton Cider, vodka, packets of Tavern Snacks and rolled up tenners - hence why we're now busy chaining ourselves to our desks until hometime. This is a ritual that happens most days. Anyways, it's good to know that it's not just us caught in this particular maelstrom - hell, in the former Soviet Union, it's clearly been such a problem in the past that there was an entire genre of propaganda posters dedicated to discouraging people from wasting their lives down the boozer, or (much better) with a bottle of white spirits permanently smacked to their lips. This website is an archive of anti pisshead posters - our favourite is the one where the woman appears to have sold her child to buy (admittedly a bloody huge bottle of) booze. Thanks loads to Biddy & Sonny for this link!
  • Bottom's Up; Budem Zdorovy!