Monday, February 04, 2008


for the slack service over the last month. We've been working on the first Socialism Mag related book, The Rough Pub Guide, touring the UK drinking in some of our finest hostelries (and they call it work). Full service will resume in the next week or so, with (hopefully), news of a new issue of the mag almost ready for the printers. In the meantime, we're loving

Airbourne "Stand Up For Rock N Roll"
the Welsh hammering England in the Rugby
"Stay Free" by Black Mountain
the Catcall EP
all Wetherspoons pubs pre sun-passing-yard arm
"Faxed Invitation" off the Underworld album
the Wales England match again (it was that good)
new stuff by The Vines
The Mess Hall
the return of Lost to the telly
and, fuck it, one last time - Wales 26 England 19.
We won't be so fucking smug when we lose every other match in the 6 Nations, but hey, this week's pretty good.