Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Thought For The Day - "What Is Rock?" by Turbonegro

What is rock?
Rock is the area between the balls and the anus of a dog or of a man
What is rock?
Rock is the possibility of choking on your own vomit in the back of a rapist’s van
What is rock?
Denim clad Satanists making love in the sewers of Birmingham during Maggie Thatcher’s prime
What is Rock?
Rock is meeting the grim reaper in a sports arena stampede at the tender age of nine

We keep on trucking why oh why?
Spreading like cancer my oh my

What is rock?
Backwards messages to boys and girls, to bring machines guns to the schools
What is rock?
No I’m not talking about Canadian producer and 5th Metallica Bob Rock you fool
What is rock?
Oh AC/DC, Cleveland, Ohio, Well basically it’s harder and heaver and slightly more blues based than pop.
What is rock?
Historians keep nagging about Funhouse but me? I think Kill City is where it’s at.

After decades of Indian house
6 cats from Oslo killed the mouse

We saved rock n roll, all on our own, and forced the toll on rock and roll
We saved rock n roll, with our bare hands, we saved that god damned rock n roll. So skull!

But it ain’t for free, we gotta group that are our employees
They need to be catered, got their own nice bus
They got worthy lives thanks to us

And this wait at the airport to pick up my bags
Feelin' so tired, I could lay down and die
Runes walkin’ on stage and plays the wrong chord
Roadies laughin’ so hard they're wiping their eyes
Many of them skilled musicians, multiracial and tattooed
But we're the main attraction goddamn it those guys ain’t got a clue

After the show sometime on Friday nights, together in the talkback lounge
Pat each other's shoulders try to groove on a feeling, digging the old school sounds
We ride and ride into the night and the temperatures getting hot
But somehow the chemistry's ain’t that right
Coz we're doin' blow and they smoke pot!

We saved rock ‘n’ roll, all on our own, and forced the toll on rock n roll
We saved rock ‘n’ roll, with our bare hands, we saved that goddamned rock n roll

Where do we go from here, what can we do?
We can go left, we can go right?
Or you can go down on me
What are we doin’ here? What’s important in life?
My generation? My wife? Wowwwww what is rock? I don't care!
Where’s the cash, Where’s the cash
The money/The money/The money/Money/Money
The money/The money/The money/Money/Money

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