Friday, September 07, 2007

September and we are

Feeling heavy mellow at the moment, finishing off the written stuff for issue 5 of the ragazine… it’s going to be the best one by far… obviously we’ve missed every deadline we’ve set ourselves so far… way we see it, no-one’s counting the days now the sun is shining… as it stands, we’re currently loving…

Gravenhurst “The Western Lands”
Tunng “Good Arrows”
Japrock sampler by Julian Cope
“Andorra” by Caribou
Meantime beers (all of them)
Blades Of Glory
Maggie Gyllenhaal for Agent Provocateur
Pete Fowler’s exhibtion at the new Rough Trade shop
Edwyn Collins “Home Again”
Klaxons pill dealer
“LSD” by Pink Grease
Clark & Michael

Robert McFarlane’s book “The Wild Places”
And, finally, knowing full well that the festival season is over for us… no more fucking mud til next year.

Erm… with that said… Socialism is also heavily involved in an indoor festival that’s due to happen in our old stomping ground of Cardiff – Heavenly at the Swn Festival takes place at Chapter on November 10th, we should have some kind of crazed stall-type presence down there… come on down and meet the folks!

And may we say a belated rest in peace to one of the all time great UK beer writers, Michael Jackson, who passed away last week.