Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Growing Up Gonzo

Unsurprisingly, we here at Socialism are suckers for anything written about the late, very great Hunter S. Thompson. The latest edition of Rolling Stone has extracts from a new oral history/biography that's been put together by his collegues over at Rolling Stone - obviously it's brilliant... and I quote from his friend Bob Bone...

"I was driving an old M.G. convertible aling Copacabana Beach in Brazil and I suddenly saw Hunter loping along. I picked him up, he was a little drunk, but he said 'That's nothing, The thing that's drunk is in my pocket.' He had a drunk monkey in his pocket. The way he explained it was that he got off the plane in Rio with the monkey and went to a bar, and somebody said they would buy him a drink as long as the they could buy the monkey a drink at the same time. It probably was a bit of an exaggeration but back in the MG, the monkey had thrown up in his pocket and he was kind of smelly.
The monkey eventually committed suicide - we figured it had the D.T.'s. The maid saw it jump of the tenth-storey balcony of the apartment."
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