Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Socialism Salutes Billy Thorpe - Rest In Peace!

Socialism's second home (in our feverish dreams) is Sydney - beer tastes better, the weather's better, no one gives two shits about the kind of tedious crap we stress about over here... yes, it's our kind of town. Anyways, one of Sydney's favourite sons, Billy Thorpe passed away today. Not really very well know in this neck of the woods, his band, Billy Thorpe and the Aztecs, played the kind of Southern hemisphere hard rockin' boogie that always sounds good when you're sucking down a VB and shouting stuff. Check out his live album "Live At Sunbury" or the clip we've attached for a full on deep hit of Aztecs rock.

Our friend, Socialism writer Andy Kelly (a man who knows his rock), wrote this piece for the Ivy League Records site - a label he runs that is clearly indebted to the great man. We couldn't have put it any better.

"As far as Ivy League are concerned, there has only ever been one Thorpie. With all due respect to "our" recently retired aquatic sensation Ian, the original and the best was Mr Billy Thorpe, legendary Australian singer,songwriter, guitarist and leader of The Aztecs. Tragically, Billy passed away last night in Sydney, and we at Ivy League would like to pay tribute to one of the great pioneers of Australian rock music. Our deepest sympathies go out to his family, friends and bandmates. If you have ever had the pleasure of witnessing a repeat showing of Billy's legendary performance of "Momma" on GTK late at night on the ABC you will understand why he was one of the greatest singers and guitarists Australia has known. If you're a little unsure on where to start, or how best to pay tribute to the great man on this sad day, may we suggest you get yourself a copy of Billy Thorpe and The Aztecs Live At Sunbury, turn it up very loud, pour yourself a glass of beer from a longneck, and marvel at the raw power of one of this countrys great performers. Vale Billy, thanks for the music."