Friday, February 23, 2007

Socialism currently loving...

Fujiya + Miyagi "Ankle Injuries" (and the Tirk compilation - are we too late on this to appear cool?)
Manic Street Preachers "Indian Summer" (proper return to form)
about half of the Air album
Lovefoxxx from CSS (her record's not too bad either)
Jon Savage's new book "Teenage"
the Hunter S Thompson "Gonzo" book
Brtiney's nit prevention measures
"Trill" by Clipse
"My Super Sweet 16" (obviously)
the Richard Swift album
The Montague Arms
The Stalkers, gud band
"24", "Heroes", "The Wire" series 4, "Battlestar Galactica" & all those other great wastes of time on telly at the mo
Playstation Star Wars Lego Original Trilogy (it's a slow month)
Anna Nicole Smith, Robert Anton Wilson RIP
Princeton Architectural Press
the new Howies catalogue
"Ilf & Petrov's American Road Trip" (Cabinet book)
"Ugly Betty", esp the offices of Mode magazine - one day Socialism towers will be this way
Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve "Spring", Midlake remix & a load of other bits
Kleerup feat Robyn "With Every Heartbeat" (pure Balearia...)
Britney's hairdresser
the latest wave of spam emails we keep getting
Barrafina, Frith Street
Arcade Fire "Black Mirror" (wish the rest of the album sounded like this...)
The Shins "Sea Legs" (wuss rock? I'm in)
The La's BBC sessions
Soulsavers & Mark Lanegan album
Turbonegro "The Age Of Pamparius" (again)
Le Tigre mix of The Gossip single
the trailer for the Fantastic Four movie, against the odds
"Against All Odds" by Phil Collins (obviously)
bottles of Cwrw Haf from Beers Of Europe website.

Also, we're currently worrying that the Van Halen tour might not make it off the starting blocks. If we all pray hard enough, maybe it'll come to pass...