Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Things We Love This Month

"London - City Of Disappearences" - Psychogeographer Iain Sinclair edits a brilliant collection of writings about the bits of London that have faded from view - Socialism 4 contributors Bill Drummond and Stewart Home both contribute;

"Candylion" by Gruff Rhys - Super Furries frontman's second solo album, our favourite record of the year;

"Readymade (Instructions for Everyday Life)" & "World Changing (A Users Guide To The 21st Century)" - helping to ease our terminally blotted consciences;

Peep Show Series 3 - when does Free The Paedos actually open?

"Destroy All Humans 2" - at last! You can blow up Haight Ashbury hippies without the very real fear of death by lethal injection;

early morning Jon Pertwee Dr Who repeats on UKTV Gold - like a camp acid flashback whilst eating your Rice Krispies;

The Young Knives album;

and, finally, Everything Must Go - Socialism magazine backed 2 month only bar in Central London - a blink and you've missed it gig venue/art fair just off Oxford Street, opens end of November over by mid January...