Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Queer Noises, finally out!

Here at Socialism we've been banging on for ages about Jon Savage's legendary 'Queer Noises' CD. Basically a history of gay music pre Hi-NRG (it finishes with Slyvester's "You Make Me Feel Mighty Real"), it's thought provoking in that you wonder where pop music would be today without it's influence. It's also, at points, hilarious - it beats sitting there with "The Eraser" for company, thats for sure.

Anyways, the album is a no-brainer, buy it even if just to have your mind snapped in half by The Tornados' "Do You Come Here Often?" a Joe Meek produced cruising anthem and one of the most compelling and addictive pieces of odd pop ever made.
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